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Why Humor Matters

Humor is one of the most influential and non-threatening modes of communication available. It is a communication and leadership tool that:

  •  Makes you and your message memorable
  •  Makes you likable and approachable
  •  Reduces stress and enables people to have more fun at work!
  •  Connects you as a speaker to your audience
  •  Engenders an attitude of openness and positive possibilities
  •  Is correlated with creativity and performance
  •  Empowers employees to translate that value into great
     customer service
  •  Can create a sustainable, supportive, and empowering culture

Organizations that build environmental support for humor as a key value are better able to translate that creativity into strategic innovation. Learn more.

Find out what HBR says about humor.

Humor also enables your marketing to generate results!

Do you remember the last boring speaker you heard? How about the last humorous speaker you heard? Or the last marketing message that made you laugh? Exactly!

Whether your messages are written or verbal, humor lets you:

  •  Stand out and cut through the “noise” (people only hear about 15% of what is said!)
  •  Become a more authentically powerful and effective speaker
  •  Influence your audience with compelling calls to action
  •  Generate interest for your marketing messages
  •  Get results through better customer service
  •  Become a persuasive, effective and clear communicator

Don’t settle for average. Be Powerfully Funny. Let me humor you! Learn more about our services.

Powerfully Funny Kathy Klotz-Guest

“You know when you need an extra brain to get that strategic writing done? Kathy was it! She was concerned about meeting my needs,
she was thorough,
and made me smile!”

-Lynn Strand Marks, Principal
Positive Impact Partner

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