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Innovation Services

Any culture hostile to fun and play will ultimately fail.
Fun is the creative fuel for innovation.

Innovation Services – from a Human Element

Innovation failure is really the failure to invest in the success of people and to meaningfully connect with customers. You can’t have market success without happy, engaged, and creative employees. If they’re not enthusiastic champions of the company, customers won’t be.

When processes stop working, people stop working at their potential and taking risks, and work becomes uncreative, companies stagnate. The cost of stagnation is failure in the marketplace.

Build Innovation with Creative Play and Humor Using Improvisation Techniques

Because improvisation IS innovation.

Re-ignite your innovation! We approach innovation from the understanding that fun, play and humor serve a critical role in turning creative potential into creative capital. Imagine that your company could better stimulate innovation through creative play and improvisational techniques where employees feel engaged. After all improvisation IS innovation. We can help!

HUMORvention™ Workshops and Facilitation

Innovation management is critical to sustainable competitive advantage. Our 4 and 8-hour workshops help you:

  • Learn and apply theories of creativity to catapult your innovative results
  • Introduce the humor-innovation connection to improve team performance
  • Identify specific actions for your “culture” to increase technological innovation
  • Have more fun, damn’t! All work and no play does not pay.

HUMORvention™ Research Services

Think your organization is primed for innovation? How do you know? We can help you measure, analyze, and interpret findings. Our research helps you:

  • Uncover your organization’s preparedness for innovation
  • Determine strengths and areas for improvement to save time, money, and resources
  • Find out what employees think about innovation drivers and impediments that exist
  • Measure your organization against our identified “must-have” innovation competencies
  • Discover easy, practical ways to infuse play and fun into the workplace

HUMORvention™ Innovation Consulting

We can help your organization increase its innovative capital. We start with people and focus on where to improve processes and the environment. Our services help you to:

  • Gauge whether or not your organization is truly an innovative culture
  • Learn what factors in your culture create results and which undermine
  • Implement customized processes to increase “innovative ROI”
  • Develop a training plan for building and sustaining an “innovative” culture
  • Figure out how to make fun a part of your authentic corporate DNA without making it fun by MBO!

Call to unlock your creative potential. Because innovation should be fun or youíre not doing it right!

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