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What They’re Saying

“Simply put, Kathy is one of the best marketers I've worked with. Whip smart, strategic at every turn, Kathy can size up a marketing problem and solve it with alacrity. Not afraid to get her hands 'dirty,' Kathy doesn't stop at the strategy, she deftly delivers the end-product. A rarity. And, last, but certainly not least, Kathy doesn't take herself too seriously. She makes marketing fun. See for yourself, hire her!” – Jeannine V., Autodesk

 “As the marketing communications lead and expert at Intermolecular, Kathy was my primary contact and collaborative partner. Together we developed and ran a global, integrated marketing communications program for the company. Kathy’s industry knowledge and strategic insight were instrumental in the success of the campaign. Her professionalism, ability to problem solve by uncovering cost-effective strategies, attention to detail, and creativity were outstanding. Kathy has deep marketing expertise and would make a stellar addition to any organization.”  - Jen A., Loomis Group

“I really enjoyed the break out session where we practiced the skills learned in the session and shared a few workplace stories with colleagues. Kathy is knowledgeable, fun and innovative in her approach. I would definitely recommend her to colleagues."
–Nancy W., IBM

"Kathy tells great stories and creates an environment of fun and support for learning. The games were helpful and gave us ideas on how to incorporate more spontaneous fun into our meetings, interactions with other organizations, and as a way to manage stress. I only wish we had more time."
–Deepak, Cisco

"Having worked in startups for 22 years, I know what can go wrong in a diverse place like Silicon Valley. Companies can grow quickly and if they do not address cultural and organizational issues, they quickly die. Kathy helped us focus on the issue of team building using humor and respect for boundaries in our early stages."
–Cynthia J., PowerGenix Systems

"Our company is comprised of 15% US-born and 85% mixed ethnic cultures (non-US born). Having worked in many large/medium/small/start-up companies I have seen that most companies lack the investment it takes to teach diverse cultures what is and what is not acceptable in the US corporate world. Kathy was able to get these important issues across using a very unique methodology, their understanding of cultures and their ability to disseminate the information using a light, humorous approach.”
–Jeff P., PowerGenix Systems

"I took Kathy's class in order to learn how to use humor in my profession as a lawyer. She taught us that humor is so much more than jokes - it is about storytelling and the element of surprise. I learned that there are many ways to express humor and you do not have to be a comedian to do it. Humor is about universal connections with others. I really enjoyed this class and would take another one with Kathy!"
–Debbie M., DeAnza College

“She made the topic simple, doable, and fun. Anyone can learn to use humor in their presentations.”
–Cynthia N., Insiders Connection

“Kathy doesn’t tell you how to do it; she shows you. That’s credibility.”
–Stanford University

Powerfully Funny

“You know when you need an extra brain to get that strategic writing done? Kathy was it! She was concerned about meeting my needs,
she was thorough,
and made me smile!”

-Lynn Strand Marks, Principal
Positive Impact Partner

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