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Strategic Marketing Services

Great marketing starts with a story that resonates with customers. And fun is a powerful tool for bringing great storytelling to life.

Marketing Strategy and Communications Services

The customer experience should be fun, compelling and delightfulFun cuts through the noise in the marketplace to generate results. And it all starts with a compelling marketing story.

All great marketing is about storytelling. We help you uncover your core marketing story. Then we help you use fun to connect more powerfully with your audience in telling your story. Jargon is unprofessional, un-fun and anti-customer. If you’re not reaching your customers, your competition will.

Marketing in a Crowded World Poses New Challenges

Today you face increased competition, decreased visibility, and lack of differentiation in a crowded world. You also need to do more to create great, compelling customer experiences.

Create Compelling Marketing with a Fun, Playful, Humorous Edge

Our services increase visibility, revenues, and customer loyalty. Our innovative approach can:

  • Help you uncover your core marketing “story” that resonates with your ideal audience
  • Make you and your messages stand out
  • Translate to a more powerful, positive customer experience and enhance your brand
  • Help you identify the right channels from print to social media to connect with your audience (social media is a channel, but is your content ready for prime-time?)

Stand Out™ Strategic Marketing Services

We start with a marketing-first approach for your business goals and help you with:

  • Uncovering your core marketing story – this powers everything you do
  • Content and messaging strategies – web, print, speeches, social media marketing, PR
  • Tactical services – web, collateral, articles writing and placement, ads, story pitches

Fun is a downstream tactical decision; the way we bake the cake (with our without the fun icing) is still the same. We recommend fun if we think it works. But you still have to do the analysis. And, hey, we are serious marketers…who just happen to love fun, too.

Marketing Communications PulsePoints™ Reviews

You have to “touch” your customer many times before you touch their wallet! Our review starts with the marketing fundamentals, covers all the ways you “touch” your customer, and then identifies areas where humor can:

  • Improve marketing ROI through visibility
  • Differentiate your messages in a crowded market
  • Communicate your benefits effectively while making you memorable (in a good way)!

Marketing FUNShops™

We offer effective and fun skills-based “shops” (we can’t call them “work”) that help you:

  • Create more effective internal and external marketing messages
  • Develop and nurture positive stories that enhance your “brand” and ROI

Storytelling isn’t just for external marketing. Every employee is a brand advocate. What internal stories about the culture are your employees telling? We help you refine internal and external “sticky” stories. That’s our story and we’re sticking to that!

Call today. If you’re not having fun,
your customers aren’t either.

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Powerfully Funny

“You know when you need an extra brain to get that strategic writing done? Kathy was it! She was concerned about meeting my needs,
she was thorough,
and made me smile!”

-Lynn Strand Marks, Principal
Positive Impact Partner

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