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Humor is way too important to be taken lightly.

The best stories aren’t about trying to be funny; they are about having fun engaging with your customers. Levity is contagious. Companies that embrace fun, levity and play are creative forces internally and in the marketplace. Fun powers any successful customer delight strategy.

Company Overview

Mission – Our mission is to help organizations improve their innovation efforts, marketing and communications through humor, playfulness, and fun. If you aren’t having fun innovating and marketing, your customers aren’t having fun, either. We love helping customers communicate more powerfully, authentically and successfully. Who doesn’t love that? Only people who love jargon. And that’s not you!

Differentiation - Marketing comes first; levity second. Effective humor adds power to the marketing of a great product but never compensates for strategically sound marketing. When you have great products, fun and humor can be the icing on the cake that makes you “Stand Out.” We love the cake AND the icing, too. Who says you can’t have both?
People sometimes think anything fun is less than serious. Would you want to do business with a company that doesn’t care about its customers or their experiences? Fun isn’t about you. It’s not jokes and comedy. Fun is delighting the heck out of your customer – so they come back again. Fun is a serious people-centered strategy. And, unless you sell to robots, you will be creating a human experience. Fun is viral – in a good kind of contagious way.

Kathy Klotz-Guest is a marketing expert with extensive experience innovating and helping companies Stand Out! Kathy is a “serious” marketer who knows that fun is good business. She combines 18 years of corporate marketing expertise in Silicon Valley with a background in standup,  improvisation, and sketch comedy (and a San Jose cable show), to help clients be innovative in serving customers. Improvisation is all about innovation. Today, she does the occasional open-mic standup set and performs regularly with the Rec League at ComedySportz San Jose.

Kathy has worked with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups in the Bay Area such as Silicon Graphics, Dataquest, Gartner Group, Excite@Home, Autodesk, Yahoo!, Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network, and Intermolecular. Her business has been featured in The San Jose Mercury News. No un-fun, toxic culture can succeed, and Kathy has worked in some great environments that facilitated innovation. Powerfully Funny was born for that same reason - to bring more fun into marketing and innovation. By doing so, we’ve seen clients improve results across the board.

Kathy is a founding fellow and CFO for The Society for New Communications Research, sncr.org (which sounds very high fallutin’, doesn’t it?) located in Silicon Valley. She has an MLA from Stanford University, an MBA from UC Berkeley, and an MA in multimedia applications development which makes her nerdy, funny and always willing to try new things. Her 1-year-old son thinks she’s hilarious; but then again, he doesn’t get our much. That makes him the perfect captive audience.

Humor is way too important to be taken lightly.
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Powerfully Funny Kathy Klotz-Guest

“You know when you need an extra brain to get that strategic writing done? Kathy was it! She was concerned about meeting my needs,
she was thorough,
and made me smile!”

-Lynn Strand Marks, Principal
Positive Impact Partner

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