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Because improvisation IS innovation

“The power behind the US Economy is its ‘creative class’ – scientists, artists, engineers, technologists and designers to name a few. The creative sector accounts for nearly half of American wage income.” Richard Florida, The Rise of The Creative Class

“Humor is showing itself to be an accurate marker of managerial effectiveness, emotional intelligence, and the thinking style of the brain’s creative right hemisphere.”
Dan Pink, Whole New Mind

"Levity is the link between trust, respect,
and the engagement of a workforce.” 
The Levity Effect, Scott Christopher and Adrian Gostick

Humor, fun, and levity can re-ignite creativity, innovation and high performance in your organization. That’s critical to your organization’s strategic advantage in the marketplace. Fun is also at the center of successful improvisation tools that enhance individual and team creativity.

Humor, fun, and levity are also powerful communications tools that tell your marketing story to the world creatively and authentically. All marketing is about great storytelling and delighting your customer. Whether your needs include print or social media, marketing that delights your customer helps you stand out and deliver results.

Located in Silicon Valley, Powerfully Funny delivers programs to enhance your fun, innovation and marketing success!

HUMORvention™ Innovation Services
Power employee happiness, corporate innovation, and the bottom line.

StandOut™ Stratgic Marketing Services
Create messages that stand out, delight customers, and deliver results.

If you’re not having fun innovating or
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Powerfully Funny

“You know when you need an extra brain to get that strategic writing done? Kathy was it! She was concerned about meeting my needs,
she was thorough,
and made me smile!”

-Lynn Strand Marks, Principal
Positive Impact Partner

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